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Gigabit L2+ Managed Switch QSW-3310 is specially designed for telecom operators and MAN networks.

– Interfaces
10/100 / 1000BASE-T ports: 24 ports
10GbE SFP + ports: 4 ports
Console Ports: 1 RS-232 (RJ45) port (front panel)

– Performance
Switching Matrix: 128 Gbps
Bandwidth: 96.2 Mpac/s
Jumbo Frame: 9k

– Functionality
Switch layer: L2+
Stacking: Yes
Switching Type: Storage and Forwarding

– Design
Location of Power Connectors: on the back

– Cooling
Cooling Type: passive

– Nutrition
Supply Voltage: 36-72V

– Overall Dimensions
Height, mm: 44
Depth, mm: 240
Width, mm: 435
Weight, kg: 3.3

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